Hubert McKenzie née Willingham (more commonly known as Pinkeye) is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids.


Out of the three Bloogey Boys, Pinkeye is shown to be the nicest. He is shown to be into feminine things.

Notable Relationships

  • Dot
  • Bloogey Boys: Melvin and Fredo are Pinkeye's best friends. They all became friend after catching each other picking their noses at the same time.


  • His actual name, Hubert, was revealed in Cereal/Tiny Danger.
    • He earned his nickname from his infected eye.
  • Pinkeye is one of the five recurring characters to be created specifically for the show, the four being Frufru, The Bow, Fredo, and Bobby.
  • He loves poetry and modern American dance.
  • His weakness is depth perception.
  • He has alopecia, which explains his lack of hair.
  • He is allergic to pets.
  • His idea for Melvin in Trade Wreck was to use spray paint to cover the toys amd then tie them to fireworks to destroy them. How sneaky.