The Harvey Street Bow (actual name: unknown) is a recurring character in Harvey Street Kids.


The Bow is very mysterious, she pops up out of nowhere to say something creepy. She can literally merge her eyes into one, is the only one on the block to enjoy cheesy B-movie violence, has no bones, and she even lives in an archetypal Old, Dark House. Nobody knows if she's truly human at all.

Notable Relationships


She and Billy were paired up to get each other gifts for Friendship Appreciation Day. She got Billy a worm, and Billy got her a bow made out of worms. Both of them loved each other's gifts. One time, they had a conflict over possession of Billy's balloon that he uses to fly with, which Audrey did not resolve.


Season 1


Bow (Prototype)

The Bow's prototype designs.

  • The Bow is one of the five recurring characters to be created specifically for the show, the four being Frufru, Fredo, Pinkeye, and Bobby.
  • It is unknown what her real name is.
    • When Dot accused her of not having a real name, The Bow corrected her and said that she does, but Audrey interrupted her before she could say it.
    • She is named after the large bow in her hair, and once had a legal conflict with a bow.
  • She doesn't like clocks.
  • Bats live in her closet.
  • She is a ninja.
  • She is good with pets.
    • She was a counselor at camp rodent, a semi-professional flea wrangler, and certified animal manicurist.
    • She names all her pets "Ripley".
  • Lotta once let Bow borrow her name for a week.
  • Her nickname seems to include the integral article, as she is often addressed to as The Bow rather than just Bow.
  • Her voice is similar to another character Grey Griffin voiced which was Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.