I'm planning on doing a Harvey Street Kids Fanfic called One Bite Over Harvey Street. Here is the plot.


Audrey gets bitten by a hyper syndrome raccoon which causes her to turn feral and wild. At first it starts off with Audrey being feral and wild messing up Harvey Street. But then it gets worst when Audrey bites a few of the kids and they turn feral and wild like her. Dot, Lotta, Melvin, Pinkeye, The Bow, and Frufru have escaped so now all six of them must work together to make it past the feral wild kids and find Bobby to get help from him on how to return the infected ones back to normal before they would get infected too.

However the survivors do get infected anyway. But here is the order of the feral wild raccoon infection in the fic that I thought of.

1 - Audrey

2 - Lucretia

3 - Fredo

4 - Tiny

5 - Pinkeye

6 - Lotta

7 - Frufru

8 - The Bow

9 - Dot

10 - Melvin

In the end, Bobby the Elder is the hero as he finds the cure and returns the feral wild kids back to normal

So what do you guys think of that idea for a Harvey Street Kids fanatic?