Zoe is Audrey's bratty little sister and an antagonist in Harvey Street Kids, who debuted near the end of the first season finale in "The Monsters Are Due on Harvey Street" as the main antagonist and will have a more major role in season 2.


Little is currently known about Zoe so far expect, she's Audrey's sister and apparent rival, who wants all of Harvey Street and everything in it for herself. Zoe and her two friends stole the hand off from the statue of the founder, Harvey E. Harveston while wearing a huge banana-like costume, leaving traces of banana mint lip balm behind. She also vandalized the Harvey Girls' trailer clubhouse and coated the tree in yellow, since she loses the clubhouse. Audrey angrily knew that it could only be her sister, known reckoning the taste being bananas, while both Dot and Lotta were shocked as they had no idea that Audrey even had a sister.

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  • Audrey never had a sister in the franchise, although, she did have a brother nicknamed "Patches".
  • She seems to have quite a liking for bananas.
  • It is currently unknown if whether she's either older or younger than Audrey.
  • One of her friends, Maria, looks somewhat similar to Melvin, only is a girl instead.
  • It is unknown why both Zoe and Audrey supposedly don't live together in Harvey Street.
  • In the season 2 trailer on Netflix, her name was revealed to be Zoe.